The Analysis and Study of Quranic Passages

7:30 PM

Friday Jumuah

Two Prayers

1:30 | 2:30 PM

Friday Jumuah – Two Prayers

Khutbah 1:30 PM | Salat 2:00

Khutbah 2:30 PM | Salat 3:00



Mercy Community Weekend School recognizes Allah as the authority over creation.  We cultivate our students’ inherent human excellence through sound understanding of Islamic principles as they apply to daily life.  We promote in our students responsibility for correct social conduct with a focus on the soul’s obligation to Allah


The Mission of Mercy Community Weekend School is to use Al Qu’ran, the life example of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and commentary of Imam W. Deen Muhammad to give our students the best Islamic education.   We will achieve this mission by providing classes in:

  • Islamic studies to include the 5 pillars of Al’Islam
  • Qu’ranic recitation and comprehension
  • Islamic socialization skills

With God’s help, our students will take leadership in giving thanks and proper regard to our creator.

A quarterly ministry program to spread Islam to the disenfranchised of our society. “The best of you is he who learns the Quran and teaches it.

Confronting societal issues and attitudes from a scriptural point of view.

Through various programs we interact with the people of the book to address societal issues and present a true representation of the religion of Al-Islam.

Now that you have declared your belief in Allah and his messenger, learn the basics of the Religion of Al-Islam. Our Shahaddahtain curriculum will take you through the pillars, and insights.

A unique opportunity available no where else. A class to develop your Islamic leadership abilities through intense study of both classical and contemporary tafsir of the Quran, impactful workshops with many of the most respected Imams from around the nation, in depth grammatical analysis, as well as communication, teamwork and problem solving.