About Us

We are a culturally diverse community, striving for the pleasure of Allah (G-d) .Through community outreach, Islamic and Arabic clasees, programs, online streaming lectures and more we inform those interested in the “Mercy of Allah” and the beautiful practice of Islam.

Come experiece the Mercy of Islam. At Mercy Community Center Southwest, we’re not concerned about where you’ve been; we care about where you’re going, and we want to be part of the journey. Our doors are open to you whether you are Muslim or Non- Muslim. So if you’re looking for a energetic place to discover Islam and a beautiful way of life; join us at Mercy Community Southwest.
Mercy Community Center Southwest is much more than good persuasive speech ideas a place of worship. We are like family – and we know MCC will “feel like home” .

We’re all about providing the truth and changing lives. Our prayer is for you to learn about Islam and realize your purpose in life. We want you to experience Islam in every possible way. We also want to make sure you know that MCC is a beautiful place to start your journey in Islam. So begin the voyage here and make MCC your place to discover the Mercy of Allah (G-d).

At Mercy Community Center Southwest you will be surrounded by people who love you and care for you, and are here to help and support you on Islamic journey.